What people are saying
reviews from our wonderful clients

"I highly recommend Joelle for her professional knowledge and for her comfortable, relaxed manner which puts us at ease."
- Catherine, Mom of Sydney

"I am grateful for a concrete plan and the additional knowledge on sleep. I am grateful to find someone who can work with older children. The approach was simple and effective and flexible. We were able to build on my current knowledge base and meet the needs addressed. Joelle was generous with her time and resources."
- Sonja

"Joelle is incredibly knowledgeable about sleep. I really appreciated how often she checked in to provide encouragement and advice. My son has made amazing progress over just one week! He is only nursing once through the night. This has been a huge impact on my family. We are all sleeping better. Evenings have become more enjoyable and relaxed. I feel so much more confident to set him up for successful nights. And when challenges arise I have coping strategies. I am very grateful to Joelle . She gave me hope when I felt discouraged. I am so happy that I decided to reach out to her!"
- Sheila, mother of Callum

"A few months ago you talked us through some strategies for our son to help him get a good night's sleep. I have been meaning to follow up with you for a while to thank you so much for your advice. Within the third night Peter was sleeping totally fine on his own and he has had only 2 or 3 little blips that have been easily overcome. But other than that it has been very predictable, steady sleep routines every night with uninterrupted sleeping the entire night. Thank you so much for your help. We tell everyone we know to talk to you if they have child sleep issues because you are a total lifesaver and so nice to talk to."
- Nick, father of Peter

"As an adult in my 40's who was having major sleep issues,and had thought they'd tried everything, reaching out to Joelle was a god send! She was so very helpful, knowledgeable and caring. She has truly helped me a lot with my sleeping patterns which has made a huge impact on my daily life! Thanks so much Joelle!"
- Shelley

"Joelle gave me so many great tips and reassurance to help tackle my 3 year olds sleep issues and now I am happy to say my girl is finally going to sleep on her own in her own room. Thank you so much Joelle for all your help and support."