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Have you been struggling with your child's sleep and want to make improvements but don't know how? Are you frustrated that you cannot find strategies and advice that are a good fit for your family? Are you at your wit's end and it's so hard to know where to start? Or you've tried so many things and your child is still not getting the sleep they need. You are not alone.

I've met so many families like yours and how hard the struggle is. I am here to help your child (and you) get better sleep. What would it mean for your family if your child was sleeping better?

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Sleep doesn't have to be another struggle during your day.
Our Services
Get a good night's sleep
Infant & Child Sleep Support
You've been struggling with your child's sleep and you are exhausted. They are up for hours at night. You know there has to be an answer.
Adult & Teenager Sleep Support
Designed for adults and older teenagers who are looking for an action plan and support to change your sleep for the better.
Group Presentations and Speaking Engagements
Available for workplaces, organizations or interest groups on a particular topic related to sleep. Please contact for more information and pricing