Frequently Asked Questions
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Welcome to the Hill Family Sleep Solutions Frequently Asked Questions page. Here are a few questions you might have about what I do, who I help and my training. If your question is not here, please feel free to contact me and ask a question.

Why should I hire a sleep coach?
It can be overwhelming when you and your family are sleep deprived. When you are not adequately rested, reading through books and articles on the internet, and filtering through the advice of friends and family can become even harder to manage. I will use my process to provide you with a comprehensive action plan to help take the guesswork out of how to get you and your child sleeping soundly. I help you take the guesswork out and get your family the rest everyone needs. The plan can be as gentle or direct as you are comfortable with.

Will my child have to cry it out?
I will never ask you to choose a solution that will be uncomfortable for you. There may be some crying involved as children protest to a change that they are not used to while you are responsive. There are several methods to choose from which we will together decide on the best plan.

What sleep training methods do you use?
I have training in several different methods to suit your comfortability with the process using a holistic approach to sleep. I will provide education around sleep hygiene, developmental stages of sleep, the biology of sleep, using methods that are responsive and developmentally based approaches that match your parenting philosophy and the child's temperament.

What if I don't live in your area?
No worries. Sleep coaching services are easily available virtually through phone and video to meet your needs. We just need to coordinate time zones!

How do I get started?
1) Book a Free Consultation with me to find the best support for you based on your child's sleep struggles
2) Book the package that is most suitable to your needs to get your child sleeping better
3) Fill out a detailed questionnaire with your sleep habits and sleep diary to take a holistic view of your current sleep struggles
4) Consultation to best come up with an action plan that is responsive, developmentally appropriate and you feel comfortable with.