Why Hire a Sleep Coach? – October 8, 2018

Are you ready for bedtime? Aren’t able to get more than a 20 minute nap during the day? It’s 3am and your little one has already been up three times? Sound familiar??? Have you read so many articles and been given advice about sleep from your mom, neighbour or acquaintance at your local mom group and nothing seems to be helping? The last thing you want to do is read a bunch a books that might work for your child. In steps a sleep coach…

A sleep coach can help you create a customized plan based on a detailed questionnaire to meet your sleep goals while using your child’s biological needs in a way that is comfortable for you.  We are your cheerleaders and sleep guru’s while giving you knowledge, tools and understanding of your child’s sleep and how to keep your child sleeping through regressions and transitions.But it’s also okay to ask for help as the biological needs change.

Sleep (or lack of) effects emotional and physical health of both you and your little one. Sleep is a pillar of health and is as important to your body as the food that nourishes you and the activity level is for your physical health. Poor sleep has been linked to ADHD, academic difficulties and maternal depression, just to name a few. Sleep issues are the # 1 cause of concern and frustration that parents have, sometimes taking up to five years to resolve on their own. That is a lot of sleepless nights!

Get in touch with me so we can help solve your sleep issues with sleep solutions for a healthy, happy and rested family.

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