Tips for Room Sharing While on Vacation – June 15, 2019

Going on vacation with your little when they are still in a crib? As summer is beginning and we are planning our summer holidays, we begin to wonder how we are going to share your sleep space when they are still sleeping in a crib. Whether it be a hotel room or spare room at a friend or relatives, sleeping in the same room with your little ones can be overwhelming to think about the logistics, especially if everyone is used to having their own space for sleeping. The good news is that the older they get, the more likely they will be able to sleep better in unfamiliar places and stay up later. Until then, here are some tips to get you through.

How do you share a room without going to sleep really early when they do? Consider these tips and don’t be afraid to plan your next holiday. It can be done!

  1. Illusion of own sleep space. Create a space in a little nook of the room or the foyer of a hotel room. Tack a heavy blanket or sheet up around the pack n play on three sides to allow for ventilation. Make sure the covering doesn’t touch the pack n play. Use clips to tack blanket up to lamps, headboard to make a barrier around the pack n play. I have even heard of parents packing their own adjustable shower curtain rod to hoist up in the room if you have the space.
  2. My favourite is using the bathroom or closet. It creates a separate room naturally and use the fan to create white noise to help with keeping them asleep. Put the pack n play right in there, just use a flashlight when you need to use the washroom and keep things dim. Make sure there is plenty of ventilation and it dangerous things are out of reach such as a hair dryer.
  3. Keep your home bedtime routine. Follow your same routine as at home for predictability and soothe them to sleep with familiarity.   Pack familiar items and follow same routine of books and/or songs.
  4. Darken the room. Use chip or binder clips to keep those curtains closed. Under the door can let in lots of light from the hallway. Roll up a towel and put it along the edge. This will help a bit with the hallway noise as well.

There really is no reason to “practice” at home before your trip as you will be in a unfamiliar surrounding. Remember, if your child adapts to new surroundings with relative ease, then they likely will adjust with sleep as well. Do your best and be prepared for less sleep and an overtired child on your travel day.

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