Back to School Sleep Tips – August 23, 2018

Have a child heading to or back to school in a couple of weeks? Below are some sleep tips to help your child ease that transition (back) to the classroom from the chaotic schedule of summer. Think about planning 1-2 weeks before school starts starting with a sleep schedule and maintain healthy sleep habits throughout the year.

    • Slowly bring bedtime earlier – Set an earlier bedtime each night and an earlier wake up time by 15 minutes each night. Keep doing this until they will start school and wake up with the appropriate amount of sleep at night they need for their age group. It should be fairly easy to wake them if they have gotten enough sleep.
    • Maintain a sleep schedule – Once you have a sleep schedule established, stick to it for consistency! Avoid using the weekends to catch up on sleep. Maintaining a regular sleep and wake time is beneficial for being well rested.
    • Establish a relaxing bedtime routine – Encourage a simple nightly routine that is relaxing, such as a quiet activity (bedtime story or reading for enjoyment), to allow some time to unwind from the day.
    • Limit screen time – Turn off the screens such as television, tablets, video games or other electronic distractions at least one hour before bedtime.
    • Create a calm bedroom environment – a dark room with blackout curtains, remove electronics and/or cover up the blue light that emits from the charging cables, remove nightlights and the temperature should be comfortable between 19-21
    • Be a good role model – Establish your own regular sleep schedule and maintain healthy sleep habits. Set a good example for your child.

The sooner your child (re)adjusts to the school time sleep schedule they will be better rested and able to function and ready to go to school!

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